The Company

The basis of BKR-tech company are design services. However, what distinguish us is a ability to go quickly from concept, through the design to finished product.
We are in constant cooperation with a number of workshops providing machining services and with prototypeshop. We also have 3D printer, which can be used for single prototypes and for small series production as well. The combination of all these features enables us to entrust the entire process of the creation of the device.
Moreover, BKR-tech provides outsourcing services. We are able to take over some tasks in case of increased demand for the amount of human resources in the client company.

Our Offer

3D Printing:

  • Printer’s workspace is 350x350x550mm. There is also a opportunity to split elements to the printing process and than put everything together. In terms of such a modifications summary dimensions may even achive above 1000mm,
  • Print of almost all materials available on the market: PLA, ABS, PTU, nylon, PET, HIPS, Laywood, LayBrick, NinjaFlex. The material is always selected after consultation with the customer in order to best fit the needs,
  • Printed object is sent by customer or designed by us.
  • In order to improve the surface quality, we offer a possibility of additional surface treatment. Treatment includes sanding, filling and painting element in cooperating bodyshop.


  • In terms of cooperation with workshops offering machining services, we are able to build previously prepared by us design, or design provided by the customer.


  • Design of the entire system or a single component together with a complete 2D documentations,
  • Modification of existing projects,
  • Convert old paper documentations to CAD ,
  • Creating a visualization of the device as a animation.


  • We are able to take over a design work at the time of increased demand of human work in customer company.

Let’s build something



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44-200 Rybnik

Błażej Krentusz
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